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Update v1.6.2

Hey Guys!

Surprise! Pandaclip v1.6.2 update is here~ 🤩

⭐ Character Skill Talent ⭐

Character skill talent feature is now added in the game! Make your character stronger by upgrading their Talent 💪 Talent window is accessible in the Loadout menu. Character available for this feature is Chiwa. More characters will be added in the future so stay tuned for more update!

🔷 Talent Seed Stage 🔷

Material for upgrading Skill Talent will be available in the Talent Seed Stage. Each character will have their specific item 😎 Detailed information on the stage rotation can be seen in the game window.

🔫💥 Survival Stage 💥🔫

Survival Stage is now available in the game! Go through waves of enemies and defeat them to get Lifestone as item rewards. The higher the wave level means more enemies to defeat. Good luck! 😉

☕ Peaceful Time Limited Gacha ☕

[Duration: March 19th, 2021 ~ April 7th, 2021]

Popino new skin: Peaceful Time is now available in the limited gacha! There’ll be a guarantee to get the new item after 50 pulls and the guarantee will not be reset after obtaining the featured items. For complete detail you can click the gacha banner to see the rates.


– New Skin: Popino casual peaceful time. 

– New Feature: Character Talent for Chiwa 

– New Survival stage to get character talent material

– New Talent Seed stage to get character talent material.

– Fixed crashing bug at the splash screen 

– Fixed bug not getting acc or BG after finishing event and extra stages 

– Fixed other small bugs

Thank you for the continuous support 🥰 We hope you like the new feature updates. As usual, here is what you are waiting for~ 351503

Stay home,

Stay safe,

Play games,

Keep spending~

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