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Update v1.6.1

Hey Guys!

Thank you for being patient. Pandaclip v1.6.1 is finally here! 😎

💻 Main Menu Screen Customization 💻

You can move and and adjust the size of the character on the Main Menu Screen now! Character will also say something when you tap on them 😉 Have fun customizing and interact with your favorite character~

⚔️ Weapon Upgrade and Material Stage ⚔️

Upgrade your weapon to increase their Evolve limit! You can collect the item needed for the upgrade in the Material Stage. Details on the item drop and stage rotation can be seen on the Material Stage Screen. This system is still underdevelopment and will be updated more in the future. 

📖 New Diary Layout 📖

You can see details in Characters, Enemies, Stories and Weapons on the New Diary layout now. Make sure you already collect everything to unlock all section! 

⭐ New Extra Stages ⭐

New Extra Stage is now available to play! Finish the stages and stories to earn muffins and Fedora Hat accessories as rewards 😎


– New extra story and stage

– New stage for collecting materials

– Weapon upgrade limit increased

– Diary reworked to show list of enemies and characters

– Character positioning and interaction in Main menu

– Bug fixes

Thank you for your endless support. We are sorry it takes longer than we expected to release this. We hope you enjoy the new gameplay updates✨ and don’t worry, we don’t forget about the usual code~ 348452

Stay home,

Stay safe,

Play games,

Keep spending~

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