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Update v1.6.7

Hey Guys!

Summer hasn’t ended yet 😎 Update v1.6.7 is here!

🐚☀️ Seashell Party Event Rerun ☀️🐚

[Event Duration] August 9th, 2021 ~ August 22nd, 2021

Experience the Bear Sister Summer adventure once more! ✨ Complete the stages and earn seashell drops to obtain Pio Summer Swimsuit Skin and more items.

✨☀️ Summer Limited Gacha Rerun ✨☀️

Neva and Popino Swimsuit Skin: Beach Princess and Casual Beachside are now available in the limited gacha! This is another chance to complete the summer set 😉 There’ll be a guarantee to get the new item after 50 pulls and the guarantee will not be reset after obtaining the featured items. For complete detail you can click the gacha banner to see the rates.

✨🐚 Little Collector Special Offer 🐚✨

[Availability Time] August 9th, 2021 ~ August 22nd, 2021

Chiwa’s Summer Swimsuit Skin: Little Collector is now available in Special Offer for limited time purchase! Don’t forget to complete your Summer Swimsuit set by purchasing this special offer 😉


– Rerun gacha summer skin Neva & Popino 

– New offer Chiwa little collector skin 

– Rerun event stage seashell party 

– Enemy outside the screen now have red indicator 

– Weapon evolve UI

Thank you for the continuous support! We hope you have fun with the new update 😉 and of course as usual, here is the code! 362858

Stay home,

Stay safe,

Play games,

Keep spending~

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