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Update v1.6.4 Preview

Hey Guys!

Here is a preview of update v1.6.4 that will come on 4th May! 😎

✨ New Limited Gacha ✨

New Pio and Chiwa casual skin will be available in the next limited gacha! 

🧁✨ Double Muffins For First Purchase✨🧁

Purchasing muffins for the first time will give an additional bonus! More information will be added later

📦✨ New Growth Pack Offer ✨📦

There will be new growth pack offer to make you stronger fast 💪

🧁🛒 New UI For Gold and Muffin Shop 🛒🧁

New UI for Gold and Muffin Shop is also on the way! It will have neater and even cuter look 😉

Stay tuned for more info!

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