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Roadmap Update

Hey guys! 

Here is the roadmap for the upcoming content! 😎

🖥️ UI Improvement 🖥️

There will be several UI improvements applied to the game screen and main menu will be customizable in the future!

⚔️Weapon Status Effect⚔️

Weapons in the game will have status effect. There will be certain weapons that have effects such as burning, poison, stun, and many more! Further information will be added later as we are still working on it

🧍Character Skill Upgrade🧍

Character skill can be upgraded now for more damage and cooler effect! Gather the material from special stage to upgrade your character stronger

📘 Main Story: Chapter 3📘

Chapter 3 is in progress ✨ There will be a new character, new enemies and new CGs!

Stay tuned for more information!

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