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Summer Event: Seashell Party

Hey guys!

Thank you for the patience. Pandaclip v.1.5.0 updates are finally here!

🐚☀️ Seashell Party: Summer Event ☀️🐚
[Event Duration] July 28th, 2020 ~ August 26th, 2020
Join the bear sisters in their exciting summer holiday adventure! Each event stage can be cleared 3 times every day and will give 10 seashells every time cleared. Complete the stages and earn seashell drops to obtain Pio and Chiwa New Summer Swimsuit Skin and more items. More event stages will be available soon!

✨☀️ Summer Limited Gacha ✨☀️
[Event Duration] July 28th, 2020 ~ August 16th, 2020
Neva and Popino Swimsuit Skin: Beach Princess and Casual Beachside are now available in the limited gacha! There’ll be a guarantee to get the new summer item after 50 pulls and the guarantee will not be reset after obtaining the featured items. For complete detail you can click the gacha banner to see the rates.

📖 Chapter 2 Story Update 📖
Finally the long awaited moment is over 🎉Chapter 2 story update is here! Continue the bear sister journey in finding Rophys and defeat the new stage boss, Bearmesis!

Change Log:
– Character skill level is now maxed at level 40
– New Story Stage
– New Boss
– Bosses now have 7 times more chance to drop item and can drop up to 5 items
– Some enemy attacks now have red indicator
– Dash feature
– Summer Event
– New skins
– Other small optimizations

Thank you very much for the support until this far. We hope you have an exciting summer holiday ✨☀️ As usual here is the code~ 302759

Stay home,
Stay safe,
Play games,
Keep spending~

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